Core Values

"One Patient at a Time"

Fully-Focused Session

Licensed physical therapist provide you with personalized care for a full hour, ensuring you're always with the same therapist and never handed off to an aide, tech, or student.

Data-Driven Assessment

We perform data-driven assessments by taking thorough measurements to track your body's status and monitor progress before and after each session.

Personalized Plan

A personalized treatment plan for your specific medical needs during each session, ensuring a fresh and individualized approach to your care.

Switching on Fucntion

Engage in active recovery techniques to reactivate neuromuscular function and target your inner muscles for optimal rehabilitation and healing.

K-Physical Therapy

Experience Eastern hand's comprehensive approach, utilizing innovative technologies to effectively relieve pain and enhance physical function for your rehabilitation needs

Comprehensive Evaluation

3D render of a medical background with blood cells and DNA strand

Tissue Recovery

Neuromuscular Efficiency


Autonomous Movement

HA Physical Therapy


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